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Hi, I’m Anshul. I’m a Business Consultant, YouTuber, and blogger. I relish researching the concepts, tactics, and tools that assist us live healthier and more productive lives.

We specialize in productivity consulting, coaching & digital transformation to build stronger self-efficacy and improve communication within organizations and individuals.

Anshul Kumar

Founder & CEO Nextgen Digital

We provide business and productivity consulting services for individuals, startups & businesses.

Business Consulting

We assist customers build inside-out growth strategies for the digital age, forging organizational frameworks that constantly innovate innovative products, services and experiences.

Productivity Consulting

Nextgen Digital will assist professionals to develop processes so they feel in control of their workday and enhance their work & personal productivity. Through a pragmatic, customized approach, we work with individuals to transform their organizational routines so they can be maintained for a lifetime.

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