About us


My name is Anshul Kumar, founder of Nextgen Digital.

We provide rich and meaningful content on DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, PERSONAL GROWTH & PRODUCTIVITY. I have been providing strategic consulting and implemented many programs with Fortune 100 companies for the last 25 years and providing immense value to individuals as well as corporations.

We provide “How To” videos and blogs on productivity strategies and apps, digital transformation methodologies, and ways to lead a stress-free life. Please feel free to access all the videos to my YouTube channel, blogs, and articles on this website.

We specialize in productivity consulting and coaching to create greater self-efficacy and better communication which ultimately creates productivity and personal growth.

Anshul Kumar

Founder & CEO
Nextgen Digital


  •  If you are struggling to manage your tasks and to-do lists
  • If you wish to reduce your procrastination and manage your life more efficiently and be stress-free
  • If you are willing to make things simple but want to GET THINGS DONE

Then, YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE! Checkout these videos that may give you a stream of hope and get you started.


For some individuals and business leaders, technology is seen as a cost! A necessary evil in today’s modern world.!

We feel that technology can be an accelerant, adding fire to your business and productivity.Enabling your business to take advantage of the competitive things that make it unique within the marketplace, and applying them more efficiently.

To get to this point, you have developed methods and practices that have proven themselves. As much as possible, our solutions are designed to work the way you do, not the other way around.

We believe that a new system or process should not fix what is not broken, and should allow you to accelerate and streamline your existing processes. This minimizes the disruption of your business, and helps you get up to speed faster.

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