10 Evernote iOS App Power Tricks You Will Like

Evernote helps you take notes, track tasks, and save websites. Everything in the digital notebook is synced across your mobile and desktop and here are a few power tricks.

Evernote Is the Grandfather of All Productivity Apps.

Evernote helps you take notes, track tasks, and save websites. Everything in the digital notebook is synced across your mobile and desktop devices, including any web clipping and reminders, and notes.

The free version gives you basic tools and the premium edition unlocks much more to help you set reminders, organize notes, and sync across your devices.

Evernote is a cross-platform app that serves many purposes — it can be your digital file cabinet, note-taking tool, daily journal, task or project management system, recipe-keeper, and many more.

There has been tremendous talk and traction in recent times about Evernote. Please do check out the developments taking place at Evernote and the various innovative features this app has.

With that in mind, this is a great time to take a closer look at how you can get the most out of Evernote on your iPhone or iPad right now.

Evernote Integration with Siri.

10 Evernote iOS App Power Tricks You Will Like

Siri has changed the landscape for digital assistants. We can talk to our devices and have them give us a (seemingly) intelligent reply.

  • You can now take notes in Evernote without even needing to touch your device.
  • Create a shopping list on your iPad while you’re making breakfast.
  • Add to-dos to Evernote on your iPhone while you’re stuck in traffic.
  • Use your EarPods while you’re working out to tell Siri to create a note.

Here’s how it works: Awaken Siri by saying “Hey, Siri” to your device and then simply speak directly to Evernote. Keep in mind that, although Siri may seem smart, you’ll need to use specific phrases to get her to do what you want.

Here’s a list of the commands you can use:

  • “Create a note in Evernote called Business Ideas,” or “Create a note called Meeting Ideas in Evernote.”
  • “Add ‘I should bring coffee’ to my Meeting Ideas note in Evernote.”
  • “Create a list in Evernote with ‘Order dinner’ and ‘Make an itinerary,’” or “Create a list with ‘Order dinner’ and ‘Make itinerary’ in Evernote.”
  • “Show me the notes I created today in Evernote.”

Evernote Quick Actions.

10 Evernote iOS App Power Tricks You Will Like

On any device running the latest iOS software, users can quickly access Evernote by pressing down firmly on the app, which will bring up previews of your most recent notes as well as a menu with a bunch of other actions you can take.

  • Any notes you create, websites you clip, or images you save in Evernote appear automatically on every device associated with your account.
  • Evernote is built to help you capture ideas at the speed of thought. Part of that is through a clean, uncluttered note-taking experience on iOS that helps surface the information you need when you need it.
  • When you open the Evernote app on an iPhone or iPad, you can hold the green plus sign at the bottom of the screen and get a similar list of quick actions you can take, speeding up the note-taking process and optimizing the app’s various tools for instant usage.

Here are two ways you can capture your ideas in Evernote even faster:

  • Use 3D Touch — On your iPhone, press firmly (but not so hard you break the screen!) on the Evernote icon to bring up a preview of your most recent note, along with a menu of quick actions you can take. Create a new note, take a photo, create a reminder, or search Evernote — all without opening the app.
  • Press and hold — On iPhone or iPad, open Evernote and long-press the green ‘+’ button to quickly add a picture, record your voice, or set a reminder. No digging through menus is required.

Evernote Works Great with IFTTT.

10 Evernote iOS App Power Tricks You Will Like

IFTTT works seamlessly with Evernote invasive you are a user of this innovative tool. When you sign up for a free account, you can turn on Applets that help your apps and devices work together.

If This Then That, also known as IFTTT is a freeware web-based service that creates chains of simple conditional statements, called applets.

Feel free to Sign-up with Evernote FREE and Stay Organized and Productive in 2021


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