My Go-To ‘Smoothie’ to Boost My Productivity Every Day

Here is my favorite smoothie and you cannot go wrong.

Six Productivity Apps That Can Give You A Dose Of Inspiration

I anticipate that these productivity apps will inspire you for years to come.

How I Hacked My Calendar Blocking?

And achieved actionable + meaningful results.

One Productivity Tool You Don’t Wanna Miss In 2021

The tool allows you to capture text from anything. It’s fast, secure, and comes with advanced OCR features.

3 Scientific Findings That Will Skyrocket Your Focus

These 3 effective ways will limit your exposure to distractions and make you more productive.

My 4 Applications (Tools) I Use Every Day On My Mac

You might like these tools as much as I do for your productivity and efficiency.

You Can Easily Get Stuff Done If You Use A Productivity System

Here’s a 4-step productivity system you can use if you’re constantly disorganized and scrambling to get things done.

15 Tips For The New Evernote That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity

How individuals who have been vaccinated during COVID-19 may feel that they are safer and consequently engage in riskier behavior?

3 Easy Tips To Be More Productive Than The Average Person

You can’t become more productive overnight. But if you make small changes, you’ll be well on your way to becoming more efficient.

The Reaction I Got On Medium After Responding To A Comment

Despite all this, I want all writers to know that this is a valuable lesson for all of you on Medium.

Procrastination Is Not Living Your Life: It’s Living It Without Living

My three adopted ideas from Steven Pressfield’s book reduced my daily resistance and accelerated my productivity.

The “Peltzman Effect” On The Current Covid-19 Pandemic

How individuals who have been vaccinated during COVID-19 may feel that they are safer and consequently engage in riskier behavior?

The Most Complex Problem Of All Is To Keep It Simple — I Adopted These 3 Steps

Do these 3 things to adopt simplicity for improved communication, easier execution, and higher productivity.

You Have It All Wrong! Embrace This Easy Trick And Stop Procrastinating

Read this story only if you are procrastinating and adopt this trick.

9 Suggestions For Lazy People On How To Be More Productive

Highly productive people are lazy too as we are. They find a way to boost their productivity and adopt these tips without breaking a sweat.

Action Inspires Us Only When Our Thoughts Instigate Action

Take these 2 actions to motivate yourself and reduce procrastination.

My Simple Hack for Calendar Blocking — Love It!

My one hack — I wish I learned earlier.

9 Months on Medium, 60 Stories and Now a ‘Top Writer’- It Could Help You

My journey of content writing.

4 Things Highly Productive People Never Do

Sometimes, productivity tips and hacks won’t be enough. Letting go of inefficient habits or ineffective systems can also be helpful.

The #1 Reason To Call Instead of Text, According To Science

A new study has discovered the main benefit of making a phone call.

7 Steps to Organizing My Day as an Entrepreneur

A day in my life to stay organized and productive.

How I Read Books, Remember Stuff And Write Blogs — My 3-Step Workflow

Here is my process of reading, retention, and writing that has enhanced productivity.

Planning Our Goals vs. Building A System

My learnings and the best way to move forward to get actionable insights and productivity.

I’m Sorry! Evernote Has A New ‘Home’ Now

Evernote, the app has made a comeback and brings more promise & productivity.

My TOP 6 Productivity YouTubers That Inspired Me In 2020

My pick on 6 top productivity and the most creative YouTubers.

45 Cool And Fun Websites You Need to Visit In 2021

Move away from popular websites and visit these interesting websites instead. You might learn something out of this also.

Build Better Habits With Atomic Habits (Book Report)

Small habits may be individually small, but collectively and given time, they could hold remarkable power.

Top 5 Stories On Medium For 2020 — My Pick.

My 5 story picks on Medium that inspired me in the year 2020.

My TOP 5 Productivity Apps for Planning Your 2021

A quick & simple list of productivity apps for planning your 2021.

Stop saying ‘I’m so busy’ And Embrace These 4 Ways To Stay Productive

Being busy is frantic while being productive is focused. Here are my 4 steps that made me efficient, productive, and smarter.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Productivity At Workplace

AI provides critical information to help managers make more informed business decisions.

Your Best Buddy On The Road To YouTube Success

The best tool available to perform SEO, tag research and analytics for youtube videos.

Stop Being A Perfectionist And Be More Productive

If you are an idealist, this means you are lacking in productivity. Read this story and gain a few insights.

How to Recognize Anxiety-Induced Procrastination?

Make Better And Quicker Decisions With This Productivity Hack

Has Evernote Made A Comeback After Years Of Stagnation?

My critique of Evernote’s new releases to maintain their productivity dominance.

The U.S. Politics Is A Reflection Of Us And So Is Trump

Are You Taking Your Notes The Right Way?

The meaning of note-taking has changed over the years and here are your options to stay more productive.

The Fear Of Failure Is Making Me A Better Writer

Here are my experiences and learnings.

10 macOS Apps That I Will Cherish Forever

Stay on top of your productivity with these apps.

This Is The Company Evernote Should Acquire

and be the pioneer in productivity and note-taking space.

3 Steps To Reduce Your Productivity Obsession And Be Creative

When being creative all systematic ways of working should be forgotten.

What Is The Perfect Way To Study And Be Successfu1l

The perfect way to study is one that works for you.

This Is One Book You Should Read At Any Cost

and learn the true meaning of 110%

I Started Time Blocking For Six days, And This Is What I Achieved

My experiences how my productivity levels went up with time blocking

Why Is Trump Afraid Of TikTok

Is TikTok a trojan horse on people’s phones and Trump is concerned

4 Things You Need To Do Every Morning To Be Successful

if the first thing you are doing when you wake up is checking your phone this is why you should not be doing that.

6 Steps To Harness Your Anger And Channel It

Imagine if you could flip anger into fuel for a procrastination-busting work session!

No. 1 Secret To Getting More Done In A Day

To-do lists don’t work because they work in a vacuum.

6 Productivity Tips That Will Change Your Life!

A quick and effective guide to achieving productivity.

8 AI-Powered Apps That Will Boost your Productivity

Top 5 Apps I Use For Creating Content on Medium & YouTube

My preferred apps for creating content on Medium and Youtube

6 Simple Techniques To Practice The Subtle Art Of Positivity

That will bring optimism and enhanced productivity to your life.

8 Must-Have Notebooks in Evernote

The trick to use Evernote is that you have to trust the system and commit to using it full-time. Stay productive.

Every Time I Failed, It Made Me More Productive But Not Unsuccessful!

My experiences and life lessons every time I failed and came back.

Take these 5 Actions after reading a Story on Medium?

Here is the list of actions to be taken by the readers after reading a story on Medium.

Get Smarter with Evernote with these 4 Tips & Tricks

A few tricks for using Evernote that will make you more productive and efficient.

She is “She”, And You Make me Smile!

Poetry for my wife and for all the loved partners!

Why & How I planned for my Writing on Medium + 10 Tips & Tricks

My experiences with writing on Medium in the last 60 days.

Why is Minimalism such a huge thing in 2020?

The mantra of “Less is More” is genuinely back and should stay!

Child, Children, and Childhood!

A short poem I wrote sometime back for my son. Dedicated to all children, for the love they bring to us.

Why is Evernote losing its Ground?

Evernote, the grand-father of note-taking apps and the emblem of productivity is losing its ground?

Child, Children, and Childhood!

A short poem I wrote sometime back for my son. Dedicated to all children, for the love they bring to us.

Mom, I Miss You!

A poem I wrote on my Mom and a tribute to all mothers.

Managing and Respecting your Time as well as Others!

I will talk about two aspects of time management in today’s blog! ‘Managing your time’ and more importantly, ‘respecting other’s time’.

Coronavirus vs. Creativity: I Saw The Silver Lining

The outbreak of Covid-19 has shaken the world to its core! Let’s catch-up with the creatives that have emerged during the quarantine.

Learning Productivity from the Master: Elon Musk!

Learning productivity and efficiency from Elon Musk is no easy task. Here are my picks that I have adopted in the year 2020.

We, as Human Beings!Humanity should be our race. Love should be our religion.

The Evil World of Email!

Overflowing inboxes are wrecking productivity and making people feel guilty. Is the technology to blame, or are we?

Is Personal Productivity really Required?

It’s not just the idea but the execution that leads to success. So productivity is a major part of the equation.

Why You Should Not be Proud of Being Busy!

Just saying that you are busy has become a badge of honor! There are folks who feel pride in it but, are they productive?

DAD, You The Man!!!

A Tribute to All Dads! Penned down my candid thoughts a few years back on my Dad’s birthday.

Get Creative with EVERNOTE Dashboards!

Evernote does not have DASHBOARD capabilities? Accelerate your productive workflow with these tips and create Evernote Dashboards within minutes.

Life is a Theater! — Life Is All About Change

Change is not an issue for most of us, ‘SUDDEN CHANGE’ is!

The Boom in Productivity Industry!

Tons of water has flown down the river Thames and since then, the productivity space aka industry has grown by leaps and bounds.What the heck is going on!

How to Get Rid of Your Procrastination!

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