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Anshul Kumar

Business Consultant, YouTuber, and blogger

Twenty Micro Habits To Live A Fulfilling Life

Twenty Micro Habits To Live A Fulfilling Life

It only takes a few simple habits to improve your results. Changing your habits is hard at first, especially when you’re starting. The sprint doesn’t work. A massive change is unlikely to work....

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Hi, I’m Anshul. I’m a Business Consultant, YouTuber, and blogger. I relish researching the concepts, tactics, and tools that assist us live healthier and more productive lives.

We specialize in productivity consulting, coaching & digital transformation to build stronger self-efficacy and improve communication within organizations and individuals.

We provide business and productivity consulting services for individuals, startups & businesses.

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10 Productivity Apps You Need To Watch In 2022

Note-taking, task management, and productivity apps will take a huge leap in 2022.

Productivity applications can help you work smarter, from planning an event to managing a team.

Since the epidemic caused most of us to work from home, productivity has become a hot subject. Some employees saw the new working environment as a godsend for their attention and productivity, while others pined for the days of banter and coffee runs.

If you’re committing to get more done this year, make sure you have one of the finest productivity apps on your phone. Your phone can be a mobile workstation, allowing you to complete activities while you’re out and about, thanks to more giant screens and more powerful CPUs.

I researched the app stores for several excellent alternatives, including anything from note-taking applications to mobile office suites to calendar apps, timers, and to-do lists.

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Embrace Digital Transformation & Stay Productive!

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