How I Implemented the “Big Three” to Organize My Whole Life and Work

Big Three

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Lost time is never found again.

I’m a total productivity apps nerd, as you all know… There’s no way around it!

On a night in with the family, my life isn’t the same without such good ol’ Uber eats and Netflix apps, and I couldn’t live without my productivity and management applications. They keep me sane and give me a sense of control over my hectic schedule.

We seem overwhelmed with productivity tools, tactics, and services to help become well-oiled productivity machines. But, exactly, what does “productivity” imply?

Productivity is defined as the amount of work you can produce to create more.

How might productivity apps assist you in becoming more organized?

According to a study, the average amount of productive hours in a working day is 2 hours and 53 minutes.

That doesn’t even take into account interruptions. It takes about 25 minutes to restore your attention after being disturbed.

We’re constantly bombarded with diversions, from smartphone content to desktop notifications.

For example, Millennials and Gen Z spend well over 10 hours per week looking at their phones during work hours. That’s a lot of time squandered.


1. Things 3

I’ve found that using this system for the past several months has kept me highly organized in terms of my objectives, habits, and daily to-dos. And it’s all thanks to Things 3, an excellent piece of software.

What is the Things 3?

Things 3 is, as you may have guessed, the third version of the popular task management program Things, which was developed by Cultured Code, a German software development company.

For me, good design is a significant selling point. In the past, I’ve even hesitated to use specific applications due to their dreadful design, regardless of how well they would have served my needs. (Agenda, OmniFocus, Notion, and so on…) I’m addressing all of you.)

Things 3 has truly knocked it out of the park on this aspect.

With its minimalist design and simplistic color palette, the user interface is clean, and simple, and fits very well with Apple’s environment.

Things 3 has all of the functionality required to satisfy both novices and pro users. Time-based alerts, scheduled tasks, goals, Calendar integration, sub-tasks, notes, and more are all included!

In my opinion, it finds the perfect mix between a minimalist app like Apple’s Notes and a powerful, full-featured program like OmniFocus.

I was well on my way to generating my places, projects, tasks, and checklists while building my personalized productivity system within minutes of installing the Things 3 trial.

2. Blinkist

It’s tough to keep it well-read when you’re busy. Even listening to audiobooks can take a long time.

Blinkist condenses essential books on a wide range of topics into tiny bites of the most vital information to digest on your commute to work or during your lunch break. You have the option of reading it or listening to it.

While a subscription is available, you can get one free daily to listen. The daily free read is chosen for you and is updated every day. With so much to do in our busy lives, this app is a terrific way to learn something new daily.

How does someone eat an elephant, after all? At a time, one bite at a time. It’s available for Apple and Android devices.

3. Tally

Tally makes establishing goals simple. It’s well-designed, and your objectives are well shown.

This is the app for you if you have plans that can be easily quantified, which, let’s face it, you should.

The tagline on their website is “Track Absolutely Anything,” and it can do just that.

Pick a goal, such as how many books you want to learn in a year or how many push-ups you want to accomplish every day, and Tally will display it on the app’s dashboard. Then tap the tile to increase the number of tiles.

Each tile may be programmed to refresh every day, month, or year, making it ideal for any recurring goals.

This software is a no-brainer, in my opinion, especially if you want visual reminders.

Last but not least,

I enjoy using these apps since they have increased my productivity and helped me regain my life. Spending time on my phone now feels pleasant since I’m using apps that help me improve my life rather than complicate it.

Make informed judgments to help you prioritize your life.

Download programs that will assist you in organizing your tasks into a schedule. With a pre-planned regimen, a person might act more motivated towards his goals.

So don’t waste any more time and add these applications to your daily routine for a better, more productive day!


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