My 3 Best Tools For Writing Every Day Content

My preferred tools for writing blogs, making videos or writing any content that keeps me productive.

Content is king (as they say).

Compelling content is key in the competitive social space. It’s the way to get people excited about your brand.

The use of content creation tools can help you streamline the process for your writers, they help save time, and even can reduce or eliminate the need for outside help from content creation agencies and graphic design firms.

With more and more of your competitors jumping into the social space, it’s important to make social media content creation as easy and efficient as possible.

Here are 3 of the preferred tools that I use every day for creating content that assists me in performing my research, SEO, and hosting.

Tube Buddy – All creators love this!  

My 3 Best Tools For Writing Every Day Content

Since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, it’s important that our videos are properly optimized in order to show up the search results.

The process for optimization is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. Once I have a proper SEO done, our videos come up in the search results.

Keyword Explorer is a great way to start when you get an idea for new content but when I want to see how will it perform. The tool analyzes the keyword and gives an overall score, related keywords, and the most used tags from the current top-ranking videos.

It will also show you the current search results, trending queries, and historical data for the term. This tool helps you craft searchable titles and gives you better keywords for your tags.

A MUST TOOL FOR CONTENT WRITERS whether you are writing blogs or videos.

Evernote – accomplish more with better notes

My 3 Best Tools For Writing Every Day Content

Every time I need to plan for my Medium (blog writing platform) or YouTube content, manage my tasks, write my scripts, or even store all my published blogs and videos, my go-to app is Evernote. 

Evernote is one of the most well-known online note-taking applications, alongside Google Keep and Microsoft’s OneNote service. With Evernote, you can use as few or as many of the advanced note management tools as you like.

A wide variety of Evernote’s advanced tools are available even to free users. Evernote is the grandfather of all productivity and writing apps and strongly recommended. Evernote has several built-in features that help simplify journaling.

Here are a few reasons why it is my journaling app of choice.

First off, Evernote is accessible from a variety of devices. This means you can begin your entry at the office for work tracking and then at home you can add to that entry to discuss other home and life matters, all without skipping a beat.

Second, Evernote has location awareness built-in. So if you’re traveling, you’ll get to see where you were when writing entries and what time of year you were there.

Third, you don’t just need to do written entries in Evernote. You can also do audio entries or use an image to represent (or go along with) a written entry. This versatility makes it a real journaling powerhouse.

Check out more about Evernote here…

Canva – Design anything. Publish anywhere

My 3 Best Tools For Writing Every Day Content


I use Canva for all my creative designing needs like creating a YouTube thumbnail, my website pages, logos, blog images, social media content, presentations and any form of designing and graphics.

Believe me, I use it for anything!

Canva is an amazing and powerful design tool made for non-designers. Almost 10 million people in the community are using Canva for designing and it is FREE and has a paid version that comes with some great features.

With Canva, you can design presentations, social media graphics, and thousands of beautiful layouts. It has millions of images, photo filters, background remover, free icons and shapes, and hundreds of fonts for you to design anything and everything.

The best way to understand Canva is to try it yourself.

I hope our recommendations will improve your writing. Go ahead and, – START WRITING TO EXPRESS; NOT TO IMPRESS!


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