Never Lose Track Of Your Important Tasks Ever Again

Why is there a need for a productivity tool like Pleexy?

Professional life can be overwhelming with emails, meeting notes, Trello, Jira and other systems. You need to stay on top of what needs to be done, but end up wasting time clicking around to find all your tasks.

Pleexy brings all of your tasks from your email, note-taking, project tracking, and collaboration apps into your task manager. Once you connect it with your favorite tools, Pleexy automatically keeps your tasks synced so you don’t have to waste time switching back and forth between apps.

Pleexy helps you take control of your tasks and saves you time by bringing them all into your preferred task manager.

Register with Pleexy today FREE and enjoy the integrated world of productivity!

The ‘magic’ of Pleexy integration.

Pleexy creates tasks in your Todoist from notes and to-do items in your Evernote and Evernote Business notes.

It can group all the to-dos from one note under parent tasks, synchronize due dates, and automatically complete to-dos when you complete tasks in your Todoist.

Pleexy seamlessly connects your Asana account with Todoist or Microsoft To Do, allowing a two-way sync of your tasks and boosting your productivity.

Pleexy boosts your personal productivity.

Pleexy boosts your personal productivity by channeling tasks from your email, note-taking, collaboration, mind mapping and tracking apps into your Todoist or Microsoft To Do.

Never lose track of important emails, action items from meeting notes, or Trello cards. Pleexy keeps your preferred task manager (Todoist, Microsoft To Do) updated with all your tasks from all your different applications.

Prioritizing tasks across multiple applications is hard. Having them all in your task manager with Pleexy helps you easily set priorities – and quickly adjust them.

You always know what’s on top of the list based on due dates and priorities, no matter where the task came from.




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