The Smartest Video Creation Software You Will Ever Find

My Experiences with Video Editing Software’s

I have tried and tested every possible video creation software including iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, Nero, Corel, Adobe Premier Pro and many more but every one of them had a few cons that made it difficult to use.

I have a YouTuber since the last 10 months and while working on my channel (Nextgen Digital), my largest chunk of time is spent on video editing and polishing.

And, then one fine day I came across an AI-powered video editing software that I wanted to try for 15 minutes and then go back to my Final Cut Pro X – but believe me, I started falling in love with InVideo as I was going deeper into it.

What is InVideo And What Does It Do?

The Smartest Video Creation Software You Will Ever Find

The InVideo platform helps you to “transform your content into great videos.” The platform is used by media companies, small businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs who want to foster engagement through their video content.

InVideo is an alternative to similar services like Lumen5, Animoto, Wave, and Promo.

The one thing that I really like is that they have close to 100 different categories of templates to choose from. The templates are simple and captivating.

Moreover, similar to Canva there are platform-based pre-made dimensions to particularly make videos for websites placements such as YouTube landscape, Facebook story, Facebook Newsfeed, Instagram Story, LinkedIn Newsfeed, Instagram Post, IGTV, Twitter timeline, YouTube Story, Facebook Carousel Ad, and Snap Chat Story, among others.

The platform actually fills a vital need that marketers desire.

How Does the Pricing Work for InVideo?

The Smartest Video Creation Software You Will Ever Find


InVideo video editor has two plans namely Professional and Business.

There are two major differences between the plans—how many videos users can export every month and how many Premium Images/Videos users can utilize.

The Business plan limits users at 60 exports per month and 300 Premium Videos per month. On the other hand, Unlimited suffices all your needs. Users can use as many export and videos as users wants.

The Unlimited plan has a price tag of $60 per month if subscribed monthly and $30 per month if subscribe annually. The Business plan has a price tag of $20 per month if subscribed monthly and $10 if subscribed annually.

What I Like About InVideo?

The Smartest Video Creation Software You Will Ever Find


The platform is intuitive and yet very advanced.

It offers even those of you who do not have technical knowledge for the needed tools to make beautiful videos and get creative. InVideo has more over 100 templates, which makes it very newbie-friendly.

You can also begin by searching the categories, and you can find something that suffices your requirements.

Everything from is customizable, and you can include/eliminate elements to your liking. You can include stickers, text boxes, videos, your own photos, or anything you like.

Using InVideo is a piece of cake and is as simple as a child’s play. Users do need any brainstorming for using this platform. All you need to do is visit the official website and start learning it quickly as you go.

My Final Recommendation is to DO CHECK-OUT INVIDEO and start with their Business Plan for Sure. Visit InVideo here and start enjoying the world of automated video creation.


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