10 Steps To Inner Happiness, Productivity & Success

We have listed down the 10 secrets or steps for you to achieve inner happiness, achieve productivity, and success. These 10 steps might lead you to live a happy life and achieving inner peace, including keeping an open mind and avoiding all weakening thoughts.

5 Things I Learned From Highly Productive People

If you want to become more productive and, ultimately, more successful, I highly encourage you to take action upon these 5 habits. These are the habits that I have learned from the best productive people.

How To Become A Productivity Guru

Here are 4 easy steps you can take to become a productivity guru. Yes, you can be a productivity master by adopting these simple steps.

New Evernote iOS Settings – Customize It Today

The new Evernote iOS has some great settings that you might have missed. Do check them out and customize them today in case you have not. – The Best Replacement For MS Powerpoint (2021)

Today I'm reviewing one of the best free alternative Powerpoint Presentation software on the market, In this video, I’ll show you what this platform is, what it does, and how it can help you create presentations quickly, easily, and stress-free.

Dictate Notes Using Speech To Text On Evernote (Mac, Windows, Mobile)

If you'd prefer to dictate text notes into Evernote, you can use your desktop device's speech-to-text features. Most modern devices support speech-to-text and once you've enabled it, you can start dictating notes into Evernote following the steps in the video!

7 Best Features For New Evernote On Mobile – Tutorial

Check out our latest video on Evernote Mobile features on its new version. A complete tutorial that might enhance your productivity.

Microsoft Teams – Tutorial & Cool Features 2021

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that lets your team stay organized and have conversations all in one place. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use it and also explore some of its cool features

Mem Tutorial – Fastest Way To Capture And Share Information @Mem

mem tutorial – Fastest way to capture and share information

Mem is the fastest way to capture and share information. I will take you through a complete overview and tutorial for this amazing product.

3 Tips For The New Evernote @Evernote Scott​ @Evernote

In this video, I will be showing you my 3 tips on Evernote that might skyrocket your productivity. Do check out the innovative way I use 'Evernote Home'

3 Mind Mapping Apps – You Cannot Miss!

Mind mapping software can help you brainstorm that idea or project in no time. But which mind mapping tools or apps should you use?

How To Highlight Text On A Webpage? LINER Tutorial

LINER is the #1 digital highlighter that covers everything from web pages to PDF files;

Highlight, save, comment, and share everything you read online. Free to use and available across all devices and platforms.

15 Tips & Tricks For The New Evernote

Today we present 15 Evernote tips and tricks for the new Evernote that was released a few months back. I am sure these tips may boost your productivity! Do check it out and provide your thoughts in the comments section.

Wordtune – AI Writing Assistant That You Cannot Miss

Wordtune is an amazing AI writing assistant irrespective of whether you are a student, business person, an individual writing emails, a script writer or for any content that you are writing.

Capture your thoughts with drafts – full tutorial for beginners

Drafts is one of the most sought-after text capture apps where you can jot down your thoughts

7 must-have notebooks in evernote

As an Evernote user since 2008, here are my 7 must-have notebooks that I use every day to organize my work and personal life. Check this out as this might be helpful to you also. There is a Bonus at the end of the video.

How To Cure Procrastination – 7 Steps

Procrastination is a common affliction. Here are 7 steps to cure yourself to stop procrastinating!

Best Task Management App – Things 3

I've made a few of Things videos lately, and I just wanted to talk about what makes me love this app so much. I do feel that Things 3 is the best task management app and one of the best UI it has.

Top 5 Productivity Apps That You Cannot Miss (2021)

We have put together a list of 5 productivity apps that you cannot miss and would love to check out. These will provide you more productivity and efficiency.

How To Quickly Create An Ebook Using Designrr Software

Designrr converts your content into ebooks for PDF, Facebook, Kindle and iBooks.

Top 10 Must-Have Chrome Extensions 2021

Really cool and must have chrome extensions you should know about!

The Best Video Editing Tool – Invideo Tutorial

In this video, I will show you how to make videos easily with InVideo. InVideo is a great online tool to make professional-looking videos quickly with no video editing skills. Follow the video templates they have set up for you and your video will be done in minutes and look amazing!

Evernote Introduces Home – The Productivity Dashboard

Evernote introduces HOME and aims to be the front page of Evernote. This is a brand-new feature allowing users to craft their own home experience to Evernote bringing in important notes, tags, shortcuts, scratchpad, and more widgets.

How Minimalism Can Make You More Productive

One of the biggest benefits of living a life with less, and create more. In this video, I am talking about the concept of minimalism and the five ways that we can use it to stay more productive. I have started taking steps to adopt minimalism in 2021.

How To Supercharge and Automate Evernote?

If you are looking to automate and supercharge your Evernote, Pleexy is the answer.

Pleexy is my go-to synchronization tool for Todoist with many other tools such as Evernote.Pleexy saves you time by automatically keeping your tasks up-to-date and synchronized between your Asana account and your Todoist or Microsoft To-Do. New tasks from Asana will be brought into your preferred task manager and changes made to one side will be automatically synchronized on the other.

My Top 6 Productivity Channels Of 2020

As the year 2020 comes to end, I am taking this moment to list down my Top 6 productivity channels and coaches that I have followed, learned from them immensely, and has been a source of inspiration for @nextgen digital.

Evernote Secrets That Will Boost Your Productivity In Meetings And Your Daily Life

Evernote is one of the most popular productivity apps that people use on daily basis.

However, more than 95% of Evernote users do not use the app with its full potential. Today we present our list of Evernote secrets that will boost and skyrocket your productivity in your business meetings and daily life

How To Read And Learn With Readwise

READWISE is a kindle, article, and book highlighter that captures from Kindle, Pocket, Instapaper, Twitter, and lots more – and allows you to learn from your "highlights" using spaced repetition. READWISE is growing in popularity with readers and folk looking to capture efficiently.

Nextgen Digital In Conversation With Peter Akkies – Productivity Coach

I am in conversation with one of the most prolific productivity coaches and experts in productivity. We talked about the future of productivity, things 3 and OmniFocus apps, and Peter's upcoming course on 'Big Picture Productivity'

Mac OS Big Sur – Amazing New Look And Features

mac os big sur – amazing new look and features. the newest version of macOS that's going to be released in the fall. Named after Big Sur, California, renown for its scenery, the new update features a fresh, clean design along with some useful new features.

How To Use – Full Tutorial Of Project Management Software

A full tutorial of a project management software – link –… a team management solution to connect people to workplace processes, for companies of all sizes, across any industry. Today, is the go-to workplace tool for more than 70,000 teams around the world who are now more engaged, more collaborative, and more on top of their work than ever before.

How To Use Asana For Beginners 2020 – Project Management App

how to use asana for beginners 2020. In this Asana Tutorial for Beginners, I walk you through how to use Asana in 2020. Asana is a powerful and free project management software, which is ideal for small businesses and small teams.

How to Use Trello – Project Management Software For Beginners (2020).

This video tutorial will show you how to use Trello, a project management software. In this beginner's tutorial for Trello, I will demonstrate how to set up your boards, insert list, add cards, and create a team in Trello. Trello is a fantastic way to organize and prioritize your projects. I like to use Trello for project management and will demo how I use to plan my YouTube videos.

Maximize Your Mac Productivity With Alfred

Maximize Your Mac Productivity With Alfred In this video, I explain how I use Alfred to be more efficient on the Mac. Enjoy my productivity training videos and learn more about how to be more organized and get more done in less time. Check out how I automate a lot of common tasks on my Mac with Alfred! I go over ways to boost your productivity with workflows, and the best ways to use Alfred to it's fullest potential

The New Evernote Is Promising And Exciting!

Here are the new Evernote 10.0 features that are exciting and promising. I have been using these features since its release and wanted to share the new Evernote with all of you.

The Science Behind Productivity – Simple Tips And Tricks That Will Make You More Productive!

the science behind productivity. Do you struggle with being productive and don't know how to be productive? Being productive can be made into a habit. Productive people are mindful about what they are doing, and how they are doing it. We discovered a survey conducted by Microsoft and found out that most people are unproductive at work– a whopping 17 hours per week out of an average 45 hour work week.


With so many cool gadgets out there, it’s difficult to find new and novel products that are actually worthwhile. These are 10 coolest gadgets available on amazon. Here are absolutely amazing devices that all aim to make your life much easier in the long run.

How To Take Notes Using The Cornell Note Taking System

Cornell Notes are proven to help students and readers study and increase their performance and retention. This video shows how to use this method in the classroom while reading, or even watching videos.

How to use Google Keep like an Expert! (Tips & Tutorial)

Google Keep is the preferred note-taking app for millions of users. But what is the best way to organize and manage all of your Keep notes? In this video, Anshul Kumar will go over a full overview of Google Keep and you will use this excellent app like an expert.

6 NEW TECH GADGETS And Inventions In 2020 You Should Have! DO NOT MISS

6 new tech gadgets and inventions 2020 I You Should Have. You’re here to see some of the most amazing and innovative new gadgets and inventions in the market. We’ve spent hours trawling the internet for the coolest and most new gadgets so we can bring them to you in this video. So buckle up, get comfortable, and get ready to experience 10 awesome new tech gadgets and inventions you should have.

Learn Auto-formatting in Evernote and increase your productivity

This video will make you learn auto-formatting in Evernote and increase your productivity. Auto-formatting is the way wherein we can start typing without using the mouse or trackpad. Evernote provides some great auto-formatting features that will increase your productivity.

How To Use Evernote Like a Pro And Stay Organized

This video will provide you with 6 tips on how to use Evernote like a pro and stay organized. This will make you more productive and assist you to stay organized and be efficient in your day-to-day life.

Use Your Second Brain And Be Productive – Tiago Forte

Second Brain is a methodology that was introduced by Tiago Forte. In this video, we are talking about how to Use your second brain and be productive – Tiago Forte Building A Second Brain (… a methodology for saving and remembering everything you've gained through your experience.

In Conversation with Carl Pullein – Todoist and COD system

I am once again in conversation with Carl Pullein and this time he is taking a deep dive into his COD system and todoist. Carl will showcase his Todoist workflow setup, how he integrates with other apps like Evernote, Onenote, and Google Docs.

My Top 5 Apps For Creating Youtube Videos

In this video, I will talk about my top 5 apps for creating youtube videos and related content. These apps assist me in creating my content efficiently and also attract larger traffic for my youtube videos. The apps enhance my productivity.

The future of Evernote is challenging and promising and this is what I am discussing in this video.

In this video, I am taking a different perspective on Evernote and talking about its current state, challenges, and its future.

Manage your tasks and be productive with Todoist – Full tutorial

In this video, you will learn to manage your tasks and be productive with the Todoist app which is available on all platforms. Todoist is the most popular task management apps that are apt for task management and staying productive.

This tutorial will provide you with a creative and automated way of creating elegant slides that is powered with ai.

Create more impact with less work. Check out this tutorial that will create beautiful & elegant slides in minutes and will give you higher productivity and is one of the best free alternative to powerpoint presentation software on the marke

In this tutorial, I go over another one of my favorite Mac Apps and that is Spark by Readdle Software.

Spark is an application that started on iOS and made it’s way to the Mac. Spark has a nice interface and has a lot of features that make working with email simple, efficient and enjoyable

Productivity with Carl Pullein.

Carl Pullein is a renowned productivity and time management coach who has helped thousands of people and organizations around the world get better at managing their time and become more productive using technology they carry around with them every day.

He talks about productivity in simple ways and staying organized. He has insights into the future of the productivity software industry.

My top 3 note-taking apps for mac.

Here are my top 3 preferred apps for the long-form of writing. my mac. If you are writing blogs, articles, taking notes, or even plan to write a book then, this video might be helpfu

Evernote Dashboards I

How to get creative, productive & efficient?Here you will see the creative ways of setting up your Evernote Dashboards and be more productive and efficient.

Productivity Simplified with Scott Friesen Scott Friesen

He is a productivity specialist, a time management expert, and a keynote speaker. Scott is the founder of Simpletivity! He helps people and organizations to focus more time on what they want to get done and to experience less stress by simplifying their workday.

This video is a complete overview of the productivity apps that are triggered by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has played a key role in making these apps a success over the years.

Milanote App is creating news all over the globe!

This app works seamlessly and is meant for people who want creativity, for product managers, designers and productivity experts. Do check this out!

Interesting tricks unleashed for the most sought after productivity app – EVERNOTE! Check it out.

Apple Notes Tutorial!

The new features released by Apple a few months back is providing stiff competition to the likes of Evernote, One Note and many more.

Manage your time and Manage your tasks with great tools like Eisenhower Matrix and Time Blocking.

Digital Transformation Simplified & its impact on us!

How to create Dashboards effectively in Evernote and have quick access of all your notes! UPDATED Version.

A few YouTube analytics shared with the community along with a marathon of 5 videos put together!

Things 3 App for Task Management! The most intuitive app I have seen with great features and UI.

Manage your life with Evernote!

A great, user friendly and a leader in taking notes, planning your tasks and managing your life. The video will provide you with insights on various use cases and HOW TO use Evernote.

HOW TO sanitize your groceries the RIGHT way during COVID-19!

My plan for the next 90 days for my channel, called NEXTGEN DIGITAL!

Please feel free to subscribe to my channel and give your ideas in the comments section below ther video.

Bear App (available only on Mac and IOS) is the cleanest and most creative app that is giving competition to Evernote. Please check it out.

A complete tutorial to use and lear Evernote!

A few ideas and insights to conquer Coronavirus that will keep you positive and productive.

Evernote is one of the leaders in note-taking apps,

Task management and project management. Learn HOW TO create a Dashboard in Evernote to get to quick and easy navigation and access to your notes.

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